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texturit review

“I totally love your backdrops”

I totally love your backdrops and for my dark and moody those are pretty much the only ones I have used and continue to use.
I pretty much started my collection with Texturit backdrops and would not trade them at all as they have defined my dark and moody shots. Londra, Gand, Portsmouth and Norfolk are the ones I have and are each my favorite.
I would love to work more with them and an opportunity to collaborate with Texturit would be an honor.

Shwetha Elaina

texturit review

“The quality is really great!!!”

“I love them, the quality is really great !!! I discovered these backgrounds on instagram, they were so beautiful that I wanted to try on my culinary photos!!!Really my customers are delighted!”

Slimani Valérie

texturit review

“My stagings are quickly enhanced by the props and backgrounds”

I take pleasure in shooting with your accessories and backgrounds which I find of high quality. Since I discovered your site a year ago, I can’t help but visit it regularly to admire your magnificent backgrounds.
My stagings are quickly enhanced by the props and backgrounds that I enjoy using.




Glwadys Udino

texturit review

“The finish is perfect”

First of all congrats for your backdrops. I mean, they are so realistic, easy to clean, the images look much better, they are solid and have really good quality. The finish is perfect. Before I was using vinyl backdrops which I also like because they are handy and light weight  but I have to say that yours have real texture so my images have improved a lot in that sense. I saw some food photographers using your backdrops and I decided to give Texturit Backdrops a chance and now they are one of my favorites. I’m really happy with the purchase and hope to order more soon!! Thanks!!

@ capturando_la_esencia

Cintia Viúdez

texturit review

“I can’t describe how supportive and helpful Texturit team is”

I stumbled upon Texturit backdrops when I was searching for a specific kind of backdrop for a shoot. I needed it asap so I contacted them and they were so kind to prepare my order immediately and I received it in 2 days! I can’t describe how supportive and helpful everyone in the Texturit team is! The backdrops themselves have a great, super real texture that I love using them in my shoots. On top of that, they are light-weighed so it’s easy to transfer them between sets and they are super easy to wipe down too. Overall a great experience and I will be surely ordering more!


Danae Karachaliou

texturit review

“They are very lightweight”

I have a few backdrops and props from Texturit, which are all high quality and look beautiful in my photos. One thing I especially enjoy with the backdrops is that they are very lightweight compared to other backdrops I have.
The team behind Texturit is always quick to respond and super helpful with any questions or concerns.
I highly recommend their props and backdrops!

Anja Burgar

texturit review

“They have the most realistic textures available online”

I love the texturit surfaces for their beautiful colours and textures, I think they have the most realistic textures available online when it comes to photography backdrops. But the thing I love the most about them is their colours, love their versatility and their chromatic always inspire me to create new food photography set ups. These double sided backdrops are super easy to use and handle as they are thin, they are super easy to clean as well, I always use a slightly wet cloth to clean them and it doesn’t damage the colours or anything.  I think that my favourite ones so far are the stone ones, Beirut, Dubai and Munster, I use them really often and they are great for food photography, they make everything stand out and look amazing as they create a beautiful contrast both with natural and artificial light.


Adina Chitu