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The programs used to operate the Site acquire, during their normal operation, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols (for example, the user’s IP address, the time of the request and other parameters related to the operating system). These data are collected to obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the Site and to check its correct functioning, not to be associated with identified subjects.

What are cookies?

The “cookie” is a text file that is stored on the hard disk of the device used by the user (eg computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) to connect to the Site, and may be subject to the user’s consent. The cookie identifies the device in which the cookie is stored for the entire period of validity or registration of the cookie. During visits to the Site, information relating to the navigation data received from the user’s device may be stored in “cookies” installed on that device. Further below, in the “Cookie settings” section, more information is provided on how to manage cookie settings for the main browsers.

In order to always guarantee the best possible navigation, our site offers the best services with cookies enabled. Thanks to cookies you can “remind us” of you when you come back to our site, as well as identify and resolve errors – providing you with faster browsing and indicated for you. Additional data is stored only with your explicit consent.

Types of cookies used on this site:

At the time of connection to the Site via the browser may be installed on the device of the User cookie in order to recognize the device used by the User, ensure the use of the Site for the duration of the validity of cookies and collect information on access to the Site same.
The Website uses the following technical cookies:

Browsing cookies: these cookies allow the Site to function properly and allow you to view the contents of the Site, and their eventual deactivation would result in malfunction of the Site.
Functional cookies: these cookies allow, upon explicit request, to recognize the User at subsequent accesses so as not to enter their data at each visit. Functional cookies are not essential to the functioning of the Site, but improve the quality and the browsing experience.
Analytics: the Site uses cookies from the Google Analytics service provided by Google Inc. in order to process statistical analysis on how Users navigate the Website. The IP addresses of the users are anonymized before being saved by the Google Analytics service.
Technical cookie necessary to track the consent given by the user.

Cookie settings

You can decide to allow or not the setting of cookies on your computer, but this website works optimally with all types of cookies enabled. The settings relating to cookies can be controlled and modified by the browser “Preferences”.
Select the browser you are using below for information on how to change your cookie settings.

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and disable cookies, this may result in the disabling of some features of the site. Even with all cookies disabled, your browser will continue to store a small amount of information. This information is necessary for the basic functionality of the site.