Who we are

Handcrafted backgrounds and photo props

Who we are

Texturit was born in 2017 in Bologna and specializes in the artisanal creation of photographic accessories for food bloggers, fashion designers, photographic studios and marketing agencies. The passion for craftsmanship and the desire to create unique objects drives the company every day to create distinctive and quality photographic backgrounds and accessories. From the skilled hands of the artisans of the Bolognese laboratory, hand-painted accessories and backgrounds take shape on natural wood bases in multiple colors: from the delicate Provençal style to the shabby chic, passing through vintage and old-style shades up to extra-material and rustic textures.

Backgrounds as works of art

sfondi fotografici come opere d'arte

A photographic background or a decorative painting? There is no difference. Each Texturit wallpaper has the same characteristics as a real work of art: made to order, handmade, unique and original. Through the choice of top quality materials and the skilful use of painting techniques, Texturit creates objects that are aesthetically refined and communicatively effective, for safe and long-lasting use. A startup company that works to be a point of reference in terms of style and professionalism on the national and international scene. With over 100 products in the catalog and the possibility of customizing each order all creative needs are satisfied.


Stunning Props

Finally at hand a series of fundamental tools for taking professional photos with a “WOW” effect. The peculiar feature of real wood panels is that they have 2 different finishes (one on each side) They can be combined according to one’s taste and aesthetic sensibility, multiplying the possibility of creating captivating photos with certain social success. Furthermore, the thickness is minimal, which makes Texturit backgrounds light, robust and easy to handle when setting up a photographic set. Convenient to store, they can be easily collected with the certainty of taking up very little space.

backdrops technical featuresTexturit backgrounds and props make each photo like a PRO and inimitable, to never go unnoticed! Visit our shop and let yourself be inspired.