3D stone backdrops

In the Catalog the new photographic 3D stone backdrops with natural surface effect. Handcrafted with great care, these new 3D MATERIC backdrops are the top of the range for food photography and professional photography still life. They have a material surface that faithfully reproduces the real stone, reacting to light and casting real shadows on the photo set. The material surface, in fact, has real cracks, breaks, cracks, holes in the stone subjected to atmospheric agents that make each shot realistic and convey a tangible sense of matter to the viewer.

sfondi fotografici pietra 3D

They are designed for professional photographers and food bloggers who aim for the highest quality, both for their communication on Social Media and for editorial and video productions. For those who are not satisfied with the realistic-like rendering of 90 ° top-view shots offered by the basic classic PVC or plastic prints but which need to be rendered realistic shots from all angles, even the most accentuated.

sfondi fotografici pietra 3D


Even the 3D stone backdrops are double-face panels, light and washable like all our products, in various sizes and configurations also customizable. To discover all the technical features in detail, visit our shop or our Instagram profile



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