How to increase Instagram followers with unique backdrops

If you are a food blogger or fashion blogger and are wondering how to increase Instagram followers fast or how to attract like on your shots the resoposta is simple: great photo quality. In order to be able to increase instagram followers on your foodblogger profile, the photos should be beautiful, of good quality and above all “fashionable” That is, they must be trendy. To do this they need to be shabby chic style! But how to get it? The fundamental thing is the set design, which must be in the country and Provencal style. This helps you Texturit.

Increase Instagram Followers: Set Up the Set

To increase follower on your instagram page you need to know how to fit the set. From a recent study commissioned by instagram for the food industry, it was noticed that the most liked photos are those that do not neglect the scenery and setting. Important the dish, the quality of the picture, but also and above all the decor. In particular, the style of shabby chic, provence and country has proven to be the one with the best results in terms of achievement like and follower.

a shabby chic style photo gets 74% more like and 62% more followers than a normal photo

How to easily create a shabby scene

There are two ways to make a Provencal or shabby chic setting for your dishes or products:

  1. long and expensive
  2. fast and economical

The first solution requires effort and a fair amount of material to make “do-it-yourself” rustic backgrounds in which to set your own shots. Many YouTube tutorials show how to make a vintage panel by themselves, but they do not say how much it costs to actually get the material and the commitment of time and energy to create something that, strangely, never fails as well as they tell it.

The second solution, however, is fast, clean and economical, and is to use hand-painted shabby chic style textures from Texturit. On the site you can find a large collection of high quality rustic painted backdrops (with water paints) panels, with optical and 3D effects that transform the panel just released from the carpentry on a vintage table!

aumentare follower instagram

The benefits of the Texturit backdrops are countless

  • minimum economic expense
  • each panel has 2 different backgrounds
  • unique and original object
  • handy and uncompromising


aumentare follower instagram spessoreUsing the new Texturit panels is the turning point! One way to increase instagram followers easy and cheap. Discover the next collection of hand-painted panels previewing. Sign up at and start growing as social foodbloggers!


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