Concrete wood backdrops for food bloggers

Are you wondering how to create a professional photo set in your home? How to attract visitors to your Instagram profile? Here we will show you a trick to succeed using shabby chic concrete wooden backdrops. If you are a food blogger you will know how important it is to make eye-catching photos to conquer likes and attract followers to your profile. It’s not important the content of your dish but “how do you present it”. That’s why a good photo set is crucial.


backdrop grey

Choosing the right style

There are several ways to create beautiful photos. The basic thing is to set the set according to your style, but also based on the trends of the moment and the statistics. You’ve read it well, you need to set the photo according to the statistics, that is, based on the data that the socials provide us and which indicate what is most convenient to achieve to achieve our goal.

In this regard, an interesting research from the University of Bologna on Social Media provides us with very useful data to set up our photo and win as soon as possible.

Compared to a “amateur” picture of a dish, so without any particular stylistic and preparation set, photos that use a Provencal style (cutlery, fabrics, shabby chic boards) can increase the number of likes considerably:

  • Shabby chic style +74% di like
  • Rustic style +85% di like

Concrete wooden backdrops to increase the followers

Handmade shabby chic backdrops are a convenient and economical solution to prepare the background for food pictures. Like those Texturit, made of hand-painted fir wood of dimensions 40 x 60 cm or 60 x 80 cm with thicknesses from 1.4 cm up to 1 cm. This makes them comfortable to carry and a bit bulky, so they can be collected in a simple office folder.

pannelli di legno per sfondi fotografici

If you are still wondering how to quickly earn follower and like on Instagram with your home-made picture the answer is use textured shabby backdrops.





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