Concrete backdrops for food photographic

If you’re looking for shabby chic or rustic concrete wood backdrops ready for your Instagram photos, you’re in the right place. Texturit panels are hand-painted fir boards with a Trompe-l’oeil effect and 3D that create a true vintage effect and antique wood, in perfect Provençal style.

Characteristics of Texturit wood backdrops

The shabby chic backdrops have various size and thickness that varies from 10 mm to 1,8 cm. This makes them light, not bulky and easy to handle, ideal for setting up photo shoots and collecting them, so as to always have the ideal background for every color and style need. Easy to carry, they can enter an office folder and always be available.

shabby backdrops

A peculiar feature is that they have both painted faces, each with a different, customizable pattern. Yes, just by choice! The panel can be composed according to customer needs. Everyone can combine the various styles on the wooden panel as they prefer. In this way you have more stylistic choices in a single object.

Wood and Stone style backdrops for food bloggers

Texturit tables are ideal for food bloggers who want to increase their followers and the number of likes on the pictures of the dishes. In fact, from a recent research by the University of Bologna on social media, it emerged how the style of the photo influences the number of likes.

Using a shabby or rustic style increases the percentage of likes on the photo by 64% compared to a “domestic” photo

This is why it is important to set the set in the best way. You can do it without having to “get your hands dirty” simply by following the various online tutorials on how to set up the scene effectively. Among the most useful tips is to use backgrounds with antique or rustic tables. Texturit provides these ready-to-use wallpapers with their own wooden backdrops!

Start growing on social media and on Instagram too! Increase your followers by setting up your country set simply and quickly with Texturit pret-a-porter Texturit backdrops.









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