Photo backdrops: Concrete wood or Print / Vinyl?

If you are also a professional photographer or a food blogger for sure you will be asked the same question: best photo backdrops in Wood or PVC (Vinyl) for your food and fashion photos? If you have a cooking blog or an Instagram profile you will have noticed that there are some screaming photos that make “WOW” exclaim at the first glance! These photos “draws like” always have 3 important elements that characterize a beautiful and effective photo:

  1. Atmosphere (lights and mood)
  2. Chromaticism (the color pattern)
  3. Set (backdrops and props)

To create the ideal mood, the perfect color pattern and effective set-up serves the right light, a balanced set of accessories and an important background. The latter is what mix everything and guides the photo towards the heart of the viewer.

Once its importance has been ascertained, it is right to ask what type of photo backdrops to buy, whether to opt for concrete wood ones or plastic backgrounds.

Because we photograph?

To answer, it is necessary first of all to ask yourself what purpose we take the photos. We do it to pass the time or why photographing we are passionate about? Because we have a smartphone to use or because we want to make more and more beautiful and professional photos (maybe to sell on the shutter like online photo archives as bigstock o shutterstock) or with which to conquer new followers and likes on social networks?

In the first case the background is not important, just the table of home or a shelf of luck. If, on the other hand, we want to make photography a profession and propose our professionalism to companies that increasingly use social networks to promote their products, then we need to think carefully.

Professional food or fashion photography of great quality requires equally good accessories and the background is one of the most important. If for sure are the dishes or products to promote the protagonists of the photo, it is the background that guides the palette the style, the narration, and above all the emotions to communicate.

How to choose the best photo backdrops for your goals

Below is a summary table:


photo backdrops

PVC backdrops

Here are some examples of social images in which a vinyl panel was used. Spending is limited, but the result is not professional.

curvature of the visible sheet

the panel bends irregularly

plastic fabric texture visible to the naked eye

Photo backdrops: Concrete wood

Here are some examples of real wood backdrops, treated to create real vintage and rustic effects, with an anti-reflective surface typical of wood. Or with a stone effect, that is with real roughness and material relief to give real reflections essential for quality photos.

black stone background

HQ backdrops treated with stone effect with real reliefs


sfondo grigio rosso malmo

HQ backdrops treated with stone effect with real reliefs


Photo backdrops

Concrete vintage wood with staves painted with real wood fibers

Where to find the most trendy rustic and textured wood backdrops

Usually rustic, stone or vintage wood panels are easily found in barns, stables, farms, old robi. But if you live in the city and you do not have at your disposal a barn where rummage no problem, there is Texturit.

Texturit is the first company, Italy based, that offers to all professional photographers, social influencers and hobbyists who want to turn their passion into something more profitable, a series of high quality tools. No compromises on the downside but only HQ photographic backdrops of real wood painted with optical effect trompe l’oeil or stone, light and handy with a thickness of only 1 cm The high quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of the craftsmen has only one objective : help you make photographs that exclaim “WOW”

Each Texturit panel is always painted on both sides, so at the indicated price you can always choose 2 models.

If you want to make super photos, then Texturit is your ideal partner. With a wide range of photographic backgrounds in various styles to choose from (shabby, rustic, craclè, distressed, stone, marble, etc.) you can reach new important goals. Visit the website now and download the Product Catalog.

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