Followers and likes lost on Instagram? What happen?

Surely you too have noticed that for some time on your Instagram profile arrive less followers and your photos conquer less like than before. Did you post your usual images but suddenly the likes obtained are decidedly less than you won in the past? What’s happening on Instagram?

No, the followers interested in your shots have not disappeared, simply Instagram has decided that if you want to continue to have as many as before … you have to pay!

Yes, you understood! Even Instagram as Facebook wants to monetize your “sociability”, that is your ability to find yourself. This no longer depends only on you but also on an algorithm that decides who can see you. If you want to have more visibility and reach a high number of users you have to pay the “promotion” campaign. So to the sound of cents (which soon become euros) you will have your beautiful audience and a newfound visibility.

No problem if you’re a big company that can bring your spending back into your marketing budget, but if you’re a foodblogger it’s an expense that you can not tackle lightly.

How to gain visibility and new followers without paying?

But there is one thing that an algorithm can never stop: good taste and beauty! The solution is this: create unique and quality content. You can conquer new followers for free using the appropriate tools. To reach a good number of users and attract followers, you need to create beautiful photos that can not be blocked by anyone!


Example of amazin IG Feed @tanadelconiglio

It will seem trivial and obvious but it is the only way to reach many users. How the mechanism works:

A captivating image, able to make WOW exclaim as soon as you see it, is the best way to win likes and comments. More like and comments received “naturally” will have a picture more this will grow in the ranking of the Instagram search page. Being on the general board of Instagram means being seen by thousands of users!

If you create captivating and particular content you will be able to distinguish yourself and earn followers.

Tools to create unique content

To create unique content it is important to identify your own photographic style and have the tools to do it. A good photo can not ignore a good knowledge of photographic technique, the choice of the right light and the use of appropriate accessories to set up captivating photographic sets (so-called props). To this end, the Texturit brand is born, to help you set up trendy and trendy food and fashion photo shoots, offering you the best props on the market.

On the site you can find more than 50 real wood backgrounds handmade by expert craftsmen and high quality props in perfect vintage, country and shabby chic style that will help you regain the lost followers!

Do not give up on the algorithms. Conquer many more followers and grow your personal brand. With the help of Texturit and real shabby wood backgrounds, you will be able to earn with your fame on Instagram!






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