How earn money with photos quickly and easily

If you are wondering how you can earn money with photos online below you will find a very simple method! For some time now there is a way to immediately earn money for your best shots. Usually it is believed that online can be earned with photos only by rudder ways, through the generation of traffic on your blog, with which to attract clicks and advertisements, or through corporate sponsorships on their social profiles. True, but not only!

To earn money with photos there are sites called photo stocks to sign up, upload your shots and receive a payment for each download that customers make of your images.

Interesting, is not it? These sites are for example Bigstockphoto, Fotolia, Shutterstock, Depositphotos etc., some of the many, completely free and very simple to use.

guadagnare con le foto

Earn money with photos: What you need

To start well you have to ask yourself:

  1. Who are your potential customers
  2. Which types of photos make more

Usually the photos are used for commercial, marketing, promotion, commercial printing, so your potential customers are companies. Creative people, managers, artists, use them to create graphics, brochures, websites, and brand promotional activities. In particular:

The companies in the food and catering sector are the most active in the search and purchase of photos from stock sites

From this it follows that if you love to photograph food and create set still life you will have more demand and more revenue. The important thing to create successful photos is to create beautiful shots but above all “useful” for the graphics as adaptable to their needs and high resolution. Not necessarily complex.

Among the most statistically purchased photos there are simple top view or minimal, high resolution photos (ie high quality that are not found for free in Google image searches).

For example:

Earn money with photos

Still life photo with backdrop and ingredients

These images are very popular because they offer space to write. All companies look for photos that are open to multiple uses. This is why you too can, without effort and without being a professional, become a true “digital background creator”, a new professional figure who earns with the photos.

How to start earning

The first step to start creating and uploading photos is to have a good photographic tool, like the latest generation of SLRs and smartphones. and excellent accessories for photo shoots. Backdrops are the most important among the various basic props. For pretty photos you should always use high quality products, such as those made of concrete wood from Texturit (the use of PVC or vinyl wallpapers is not recommended for these reasons) that allow you to have a high photographic performance, which does not escape the careful eye of a professional in the industry.

Now that you know how to earn money with photos you just have to start!

Make simple and useful photos for companies, even with a background

Find what you like most from the Texturit catalog and take high-resolution photos. Do not waste time, many already are gaining, do it too!





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